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Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine


Compared with the peeling of fruit acid by chemical methods to remove keratin, microdermabrasion technology has the advantage of not irritating the skin gently。
It is suitable for extremely sensitive skin. The depth is controlled by the size of the suction force and the thickness of the micro-carved tube. The irritation is relatively small.
It is not easy to be troubled by wound care after operation, nor is it troubled by pigmentation or redness of the skin. There will be no scattered and residual crystal particles during operation problem.
There are the advantages of diamond microdermabrasion machine.
The whole process of microdermabrasion technology is very clean and safe.It can deal with acne and scar skin; deal with dehydration and dry skin.
It not only can deal with the occurrence of sagging, wrinkled skin. But also can treat the dull and uneven skin.
It can treat the melanin skin, take away the old dead epidermis and accelerate the metabolism.
It can make skin tissue regenerate quickly, stimulate blood circulation and promote skin regeneration.
In addition,it can improve age spots and skin after sun exposure.

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