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Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine


Diamond micro-carving is a safe, gentle and popular skin resurfacing technique after acid skin resurfacing and laser skin resurfacing.
In the past, the microdermabrasion technique applied to the dermis layer of the dermis, which belongs to the field of medical treatment. With the rapid development of technology, the skin-calling technique, which belongs to beauty acts on the epidermis.
It can achieve safety and have no side effects. It is easy operate and  control freely. Moreover, it can remove the necrotic keratinocytes in the surface layer precisely and accurately, accelerate the metabolism of the superficial skin, and accelerate the metabolism of new skin tissues.
Therefore, its application range is very wide, and the redness, swelling, thorn, heat, and pain of traditional skin-calling will not occur during the skin-calling process.
The diamond micro-engraving machine is a patented diamond micro-engraving tube, which is set with fine diamond particles of different thicknesses.
By rubbing back and forth, and with the vacuum suction port to control the strength of suction, the epidermis is worn away shallowly. It is a non-invasive and physical shallow dermabrasion. It is a purely physical and mechanical principle.

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