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Modle Number: HL-CG03Product Name: 360 magneto E-light


360 magneto-optical IPL,E-light,ND YAG Laser,RF 4 in 1 machine



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360 magneto-optical IPL,E-light,ND YAG Laser,RF 4 in 1 machine

Working principle :

360 magneto-optic hair removal freckle removal system can be divided into two parts,

one part is for IPL intense pulse light, and second part is the powerful magnetic energy.

This is the unique technology which can perfect used in Aesthetic Medicine. It break a medical problem, magnetic energy have a strong penetration ability, it can active and peel melanin cells which adsorbed on the cell wall in the dermis, and peeled melanin were

extracted to the skin surface, IPL absorb the melanin, blasting instantly. The others

melanin are expel from the body by the lymphatic microcirculation metabolism. So, this technology can combine magneto energy with IPL intense pulse light , this is the perfect  solution for facial pigmentation.


4 handpieces:

A. IPL handpiece: 15x50mm big spot size design for instant hair removal professionally

B. E Light (IPL&RF) handpiece: Professional design, can prolong its using life twice or 3 times than

traditional handpiece

C. RF handpiece: Big and small treatment probes facility different area treatment, comfortable and


D. ND YAG LASER handpiece: 100% American imported "plug and play" connections, translate into

reliable and long lasting machines capable of continuous work in busy clinic/salons, also easy your maintenance


Hair removal; Skin rejuvenation; Wrinkles reduction; Skin tightening; Lightening and eliminating acne; Increasing skin elasticity; Vascular removal; Curing telangiectasis; eliminating freckles, pigmentations, age spots, sun spots, etc.

2)Advantages of magneto E-light

3)Big high-definition touch screen. Easy, safe and convenient to operate,360 degree touch skin,better treatment,better result.

 It has 3 cooling systems, which makes the treatment safe, fast, and high-effective.

The energy output is 10 times higher than OPT/SHR;

Magneto-optic handle: No need replace filter, the machine automatically select the wavelength required.big spot 15*3mm0&15*50mm optional

The magneto-optic handle’s life time is longer than OPT/SHR.shot:400,000 more;touch skin better